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Product news and reviews — Role Playing Toys

Play Teachers

Didsbury Manchester Toy Shop Role Playing Toys

Play Teachers Play Teachers is, as the new suggests, a playset which allows children to 'play schools' and it has been a firm favourite in our south Manchester Toy Shop for over four years now and it's been consistently popular with our customers during that time. Play Teachers was created by South Manchester teach Frazer Moyes, who told us that the inspiration behind his creation came from his own children, “as a Primary school teacher, the idea for Play Teachers came about watching my own daughters playing schools at home when they were young.  They often asked me for ideas for their own play ‘lessons’ as they and...

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Traditional Children's Toys - with no batteries required!

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Have you ever been driven slightly mad by repetitive electronic voices coming from your child’s toys, or heard the same annoying tinny tune so many times in a day you go to bed with it jangling round your brain? It’s one of the banes of modern life – but it doesn’t have to be.  There are many fabulous toys which will keep your child entertained without sending you round the bend and, what’s more, the traditional, battery free toys are arguably better for your child as they let the child play in their own way rather than instructing them on...

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