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Tonies Toniebox Starter Set - children's audio story system


Tonies Toniebox Starter Set - children's audio story system


Tonies Toniebox Starter Set: children's audio book speaker system

Tonieboxes are a fantastic new way of listening to stories and songs - allowing you to combine book characters with the speaker system to listen to your favourite stories. You can even record your own stories via the Tonies app and download these to the children in your life, even if they're on the other side of the world, so they can listen to a story from a parent working away from home or from grandparents in a different country, helping you keep in touch and creating special memories.

When you put listening and playing together...

...something magical happens.

Let your children's imagination run free. Toniebox and Tonies offer endless interactive listening and playing fun without bright screens, scratched CDs or complicated controls.

How does it work?

The Toniebox is the speaker. Tonies are characters that are about 7cm high and which are magnetic so will sit on the Toniebox. There are two types of Tonies - Character Tonies which play specific stories, story collections or song collection and Creative Tonies which you can record your own stories or songs onto.

Each Toniebox comes with a Creative Tonie. Character Tonies can be purchased separately and are £14.99. The Character Tonies currently includes a range of Julia Donaldson characters, such as The Gruffalo, Zog and Stick Man, plus there are a number of traditional story characters, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan and Rapunzel and also Song Collection characters. New story characters are being released during 2019 so you can add to your collection.

Click here to view the Character Tonies in stock at Giddy Goat Toys.

Pop a Tonie on the box and let the fun begin

When you put a Tonie on for the first time, its story will download directly onto the Toniebox. But how does it all work?
The Toniebox instantly recognises who's standing on top, and they have the magic key. The key unlocks the right audio files so the box can download them from the Toniecloud. The story will begin immediately. Once the LED turns solid green, the audio content has been completely downloaded, and you can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.

Launched in Germany in 2016 as a sturdy yet fun and playful way of allowing chidlren to enjoy stories, Tonies became a sensation across mainland Europe, with over two and a half million selling in just over a year. Both tactile and sturdy they are perfect for children of all ages, easy to set up and easy to use.

Have a watch of the video below to see how the Toniebox works.



  • Toniebox with charging station
  • Creative Tonie
  • Operating Instructions


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