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Play Teachers

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Play Teachers

Play Teachers is, as the new suggests, a playset which allows children to 'play schools' and it has been a firm favourite in our south Manchester Toy Shop for over four years now and it's been consistently popular with our customers during that time.

Play Teachers was created by South Manchester teach Frazer Moyes, who told us that the inspiration behind his creation came from his own children, “as a Primary school teacher, the idea for Play Teachers came about watching my own daughters playing schools at home when they were young.  They often asked me for ideas for their own play ‘lessons’ as they and their friends enthusiastically adopted the role of teacher or pupil. This was the catalyst for me to begin work on designing the playpack, and after many months of hard work, occasional frustration and lots of fun it was finally ready to go on sale".  


Play Teachers

Play teachers is not only fun and entertaining but it can help encourage imagination, build confidence and develop speaking and listening skills. Ideal for children aged 4 – 10 years it allows them to create their own mini-classroom, to enjoy with friends, dolls, teddies or even the pet cat!

 In the pack you will find everything children need to play including a register, behaviour book, traffic light poster, golden rules cards, wipe board and marker, timetable cards, stickers and a smiley face chart; all contained in a durable press seal bag.

Play Teachers

Feedback from our customers has been great and we’ve had several children in who’ve enjoyed the pack so much they want to get it as a present for their friend.  So if your child loves nothing better than setting up a classroom with their dolls and soft toys or playing schools with their friends, then this set has everything they need for lots of school role-playing fun.


Buy it from our Didsbury shop or buy online from our website.

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